Tour info

3 hours city tour
~ 4 km (2.5 mi)
Pick up/drop off
Wherever you choose

Major Sights

  • Assembly building
  • City hall
  • Nikola Pasic square
  • Republic square
  • National theater
  • Knez Mihajlo Street (pedestrian zone)
  • City library
  • Kalemegdan Park
  • Belgrade fortress
  • Roman well
  • Communist bunker
  • The confluence Sava into Danube
  • Sava promenade
  • Cathedral church
  • Archbishopy of Belgrade
  • Princess Ljubica house
  • Kafana “Question mark”

Recommended Gear

  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
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Detailed information

Shaped by two rivers, by tough times, by different rules, Belgrade has always been a witness of changing times. A place where two different worlds are melted into one, where Orient and Occident, where East and West, new and old caress each other. Here the present and the past are intertwined in every corner. One of the most representative symbols of these changes and one of our stops is the stunning Kalemegdan fortress. Its numerous paths and an array of intriguing stories, such as the story about Roman well, will swing your imagination. Only a step away from the ancient walls is kafana of a rather laconic name “Question mark” which is, in short, an embodiment of everything that represents Serbian mentality. The smell of Turkish coffee can still seduce you in these streets. Further on, our way will lead us to the Old Court, an architectural gem constructed in the Academism style, where in 1903 royal couple were brutally assassinated in what is now called the May Coup that ended the rule of the House of Obrenovic. Nowadays, this place is the very spot from where the award-winning sportsmen salute the crowd who gather in throngs to welcome their national champions. The Belgrade’s carousel will also bring us to a square that in Tito’s time used to bear name Marx and Engels. There you will get a chance to meet yet another face of history and learn how ordinary life used to look like at the time of that history.

“For the short time spent in Belgrade I learned two things, both of high importance to me: the food is extraordinary and the approach to cinematography is on a higher intellectual level than in America.” Jack Nicholson, American actor and filmmaker

“I arrived in Belgrade in winter and I found my childhood there: streets covered with snow, faces similar to those in America at the time of my youth. I was really moved.” Saul Bellow, Canadian-American writer, winner of Nobel Prize for Literature

“I am especially delighted by Belgrade’s cheerful and warm atmosphere.” Samuel Beckett, Irish avant-garde novelist, playwright, director and poet

“Who was fortunate enough to have been giving a chance to wake up in Belgrade this morning can say that they have accomplished enough in life. Everything other than that would be too much.” Dusko Radovic, Serbian children’s writer, poet, journalist, aphorist and TV editor

“How much you had had to build when it is known that both Germans and allies raided the city. It is easy for other big cities of Europe to be proud of their beauty…You have lovely little zoo..I have been told that during the raid also the zoo was demolished and that all the animals ran out on the streets but that they came back later…The intriguing story indeed, although I don’t know if it’s true… “ Alfred Hitchcock, English film director and producer