Why Is Serbia One Of The Safest Countries to Visit In 2022

When most people in the West think of Serbia, they immediately think of the 90’s and the disastrous collapse of Yugoslavia. During these years Serbia’s reputation took a hard blow, and tourism in Serbia almost faded into non-existence. 

Today, things have changed for the better in Serbia, and the country is finally emerging from economic problems and internal security issues. It is ready to show the world its attributes such as breath-taking cuisine, spectacular landscapes, culture, hedonist nightlife, and its vibrant history.

Although Serbia has been bashed by the media as unsafe for many years, the country is actually considered very safe. It is ranked 31st out of 161 on the list of the safest and most dangerous countries. It is a unique place where the east meets the west with a heavy load of history, making it a surprise for people even from Europe. The Serbian people are widely known for their hospitality and warmth,  and so let it be known, Serbia is an immense safe place to travel around, and most importantly, have a great time. 

Here is why Serbia is one the most interesting and safest countries to visit in 2022!

Famous Serbian Hospitality

This is not just a common saying, because according to statistics, Serbs are the most hospitable nation in the world. It is a custom that can be traced all the way back to their ancient Slavic belief that a host(‘’Domaćin’’) won’t gain any favor from the gods if he isn’t hospitable to a quest.  

If you’re lucky enough to be invited into a home of a Serbian local, you will probably be piled with food and drink until you can have no more. 

So, remember that hospitality is one of the key reasons why you should visit Serbia. You will experience the famous warm and friendly attitude Serbian citizens have towards international guests and don’t be surprised if you find yourself treated as one of the family. 

Crime In Serbia

Crime rate in Serbia

Source: macrotrends

Let’s be honest, crimes such as pick-pocketing can happen to you just like in any major city in the world.  Although the chance of mugging or pickpocketing is relatively low, there are always exceptions. Still, the overwhelming number of visitors don’t have anything to worry about, as long they pay attention to their surroundings. For instance, if you’re visiting Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, pickpocketing can occur in buses and trolleys as you will be cramped and won’t be able to hear due to the loud engine noises. Still, it isn’t difficult to avoid if you open up your eyes and stay confident. Remember, if you go somewhere where you expect to be robbed or pickpocketed, it’s more likely to occur.

When it comes to the Serbian criminal underworld, as a tourist you shouldn’t be too worried. Tourists are generally never subject to violent crime. However, if you decide to immerse in drugs or visit certain crime-related clubs, you might be a bystander to violence. 

So, if you’re planning to go clubbing in Belgrade, even if it sounds exciting, avoid such places. Belgrade’s nightlife is so varied and exciting that visiting such places is unnecessary. The best thing to do is to find a Belgrade custom private tour, and let an experienced guide you through the famous and exciting nightlife, Belgrade has to offer. 

Also, if you’re wondering if it’s safe to wander around at night in Serbian cities and towns, well, without a doubt it is. One of the common things you’ll see in every city in Serbia is senior citizens walking their pets deep into the night, which is a clear indicator that Serbia is much safer than most countries in Europe. 

Scam Risk

When it comes to scams, there is a universal rule you can apply to any city in the world; pay attention to taxis you’re going to hire. Today, transportation scamming in Serbia is relatively rare, however, make sure that you use registered taxis with a municipal registration code next to the cab number.

Kidnapping Risk

Should you be afraid of kidnapping when visiting Serbia? Naturally, the answer is no. Such criminal activities may have been reported, however, they are always related to rival criminal entities or debt collectors. Therefore, foreigners are never victims of kidnapping. But don’t take our word for it.  According to the crime data provided by the United Nations reports, Serbia stands at 0.2 cases per 100,000 population. Therefore, Serbia has one of the lowest kidnapping rates in the world.

Kidnapping risk in Serbia

LGBT Issues

When it comes to LGBT rights and issues, Serbia has been subject to criticism for years. But then again, homosexual activity was never, nor will ever be banned in this country. There are many gay-friendly hotels, clubs, and events such as the Pride Parade every year. Also, discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal, and this is a clear sign that the situation in Serbia is steadily improving. 

So, why is it still a dark cloud above Serbia, when it comes to LGBT communities? The problem lies in the Serbian upbringing. As a nation, they have endured many wars with both the East and the West. Throughout hundreds of years of war and suffering, conservative upbringing was one of the ways of creating warrior-like men and women, who would stand a chance against the black and white reality of their everyday lives. To put it simply, the Serbian people don’t have a problem with homosexuality, but with the culture surrounding  LGBT communities. It might make them feel shy and confused, but rarely aggressive or violent. 


With everything said, we think that Serbia is one of the safest and most interesting countries you should see in 2022. From the south to the north, from the east to the west, you will see a unique blend of cultural influences that have produced warm and friendly people who will welcome you as one of their own, no matter who you are.