Tour info

1.5-4 hours boat tour
Walking ~ 1 km (0.6 miles)
Pick up/drop off car transfer
Wherever you choose

Major Sights

  • Kalemegdan Fortress
  • Great War Island
  • Zemun- Old Town
  • Savamala district
  • Floating Party Clubs
  • Bridges on Sava river
  • Ada Medjica Island

Recommended Gear

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
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Detailed information

No trip to Belgrade would be complete without exploring the riversides. Belgrade is known as a city build on one of the most beautiful locations worldwide. Feel Belgrade from a completely different perspective. You will be able to see beautiful stretches of river for a leisurely stroll which, at night, turns into going out zone; you will also be able to see almost intact nature of War Island and enjoy in river breeze. The name of the island evokes the strategic importance both for invaders and for defenders of Kalemegdan fortress. Most of the island is covered in forest, providing a habitat for over a hundred bird species, including many endangered species. Floating up the stream of large and mighty Danube we will arrive to Zemun that once was town for itself. Millennium tower, a pride of Zemun, built up to celebrate 1000 years old presence of Hungarians, stands to this day as a memory of their power. On the very confluence of Sava and Danube rivers dominates the Kalemegdan fortress, the most picturesque symbol of Belgrade. Stories of Belgrade’s bridges are excited as the city history. You will find out why Belgrade was destroyed astonishing 44 times. Branko’s bridge, one of the most beloved ones, is a silent witness of demolition in the World War II. What was left of the old chain bridge are just columns which are now incorporated in modern one. Cruising on Sava river will lead us as well to the Ada Medjica, small river island with charming little houses with no electricity or water. The island is untouched by modern tourism and is an oasis for Belgraders. Overnight Belgrade riverside banks are transformed into vibrant going out area and lighted Sava bridges color the night atmosphere of this city that never sleeps in a mystic way. The boat tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy Belgrade from the rivers, both the night and the daytime. Try it and you will have unforgettable moments.