Duration: 4 hours
Pick up/drop off: Wherever you choose

Fishing itinerary:

  • Around Great War Island
  • On the Danube riverriver
  • Around Pupin’s bridge
  • Around Pancevo bridge

Recommended gear:

  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable footwear

Tour includes:

  • Transfer by standard car/van
  • Fishing equipment
  • Boat captain
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Drink per person on the boat

Does not include:

  • Food
  • All tours can be shaped according to your wishes, or combined with another tours
  • For tour guide in a different languages (German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Hebrew) contact us



Sail away down the mighty Danube and the sublime Sava river, the two majestic fish kingdoms and with local fishing enthusiasts discover hidden rivery oases known to very few. As soon as the scent of deep waters overwhelms your body and the serenity engulfs you, that’s where the unforgettable journey through these deep waters begins. While gently floating down these rivers in search of a perfect fishing spot, you will be able to enjoy some truly wild untouched nature and hear stories from our experienced captain. Listening stories about old fisherman’s technique that people of Belgrade still nurture be prepared for some adventures that are bound to happen on a rivery empire of that size. The Danube and the Sava have been deeply woven into the Serbian cultural fabric and lived experience of many family trees that survived the harsh passage of warring times in the region thanks to the plentiful catch always waiting as soon as you reach the river banks. Be wary however, these deep waters hide many underwater sandy islands, deep pits and whirlpools, perfect dark hiding spots for various big fish. Steady your fishing gear and be ready to get into a brawl with some Catfish, Zander and, if you are lucky enough feast your eyes on some Sterlet, the notorious character in children’s stories of every kid that grew up on the banks of these two rivers. If fortunate enough, you may quietly fish your way into the realm of the mysterious and sail through the fogs of the island Saan (Ada Kale), the long lost sunken island that the river folks still claim contains the powers of the old pagan gods embedded in the stone walls of its temples.