Duration: 9 hours
Distance walking: 1 km
Pick up/drop off: Wherever you choose


  • Viminacium – Roman archeological site
  • Golubac fortress
  • The Iron Gate National Park
  • Lepenski Vir – Mesolithic archeological site
  • Captain Misa’s Hill
  • Rock statue of Decebelus

Recommended gear:

  • Camera

  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable footwear

Tour includes:

  • Transfer by standard car/van
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Tickets for Viminacium and Lepenski vir

Does not include:

  • Food and drink
  • All tours can be shaped according to your wishes, or combined with another tours
  • For tour guide in a different languages (German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Hebrew) contact us


The Danube Valley Journey

The Danube river has always been a source of life for this region therefore its deep waters hide many enchanting stories. Following the river’s flow, we will sail back to the ancient times. Along the present way that also served as the Roman road back in antiquity is situated one of the earliest urban settlements, Lepenski Vir, where you will learn something about everyday life and rituals of our ancestors who inhabited the area over 10,000 years ago. Travelling along the stunning coastline will get us to a well preserved Roman metropolis, where you will be told a story of splendour and gradual decay of Viminacium, a major city of the Roman province Moesia Superior. On this very spot, you will encounter one of the earliest Christian frescos that survived ravages of time. Further down our way, the dazzling Iron Gates gorge will arouse your imagination. Medieval fortress Golubac, guardian of its entrance, keeps secrets of the centuries-long struggle between Christians and Muslims. What’s more, the abundant nature around the Danube river inspired many local superstitions and beliefs, hence you will get an insight into significant part of the pagan heritage, Vlach magic, that has survived in this part of Serbia up to this day. Locals claim the old magic flow is still strong in all of the children from this region. Fear not, we will take a break from the intense reconnaissance of ancient times and enjoy a lovely meal in a local restaurant with an amazing view of Danube gorge. On our way back, as your mind still struggles to soak in all these breathtaking new experiences, the majestic sunset will help you never to forget the extraordinary valley of Danube.