Duration: 4/5 hours
Distance walking: 2 km
Pick up/drop off: Wherever you choose


  • Western Gate of Belgrade – Genex
  • Palace Serbia
  • Serbian Parlament
  • The Old Castle – City Hall
  • Prince Milos’s place
  • House of King Peter
  • Residential area Senjak
  • Serbian Academy for Science and Art
  • Captain Misa’s Mention
  • Merchant Stamenkovic family building
  • Bencion Buli’s store

Recommended gear:

  • Camera
  • Sunglasses

Tour includes:

  • Standard car/van
  • English speaking tour guide

Does not include:

  • Food and drink
  • All tours can be shaped according to your wishes, or combined with another tours
  • For tour guide in a different languages (German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Hebrew) contact us


Urban Experience Of Belgrade

Let us take you on this unique journey through the city that perpetually springs up from the debris in the course of centuries. The scars of its tempestuous historical fate are inscribed in the material culture visible all around as they impeccably contribute to its genuine beauty. Meet Belgrade, a place of a long memory doomed by wars that have often erased everything previously achieved by its relentless and resourceful inhabitants. In this city, buildings rise and whither like flowers in their full architectural diversity, nevertheless just a few buildings made in traditional Balkan style managed to survive the ravages of time. The Ottoman presence that gives the modern city a touch of oriental mystery is also visible in traces, thus allowing the spectator to catch a glimpse of that particular era. The 19th-century strive for modernity slowly pushed aside the Ottoman material heritage, consequently, most of the city is built in the Western architectural manner. Belgrade is marked by architectural styles indistinguishable from the leading styles of Europe at that period. We will show you the real pearls of Secession and Realism. Also, you will discover the urban tracery of New Belgrade, symbol of post-war Yugoslavia progress and the crude magnificence of these monumental brutalist structures will blow your mind.