In spite of the bad reputation Belgrade have earned during the ‘90s, this city is actually one of the safest capitals of Europe. There is no parts of the city you need to bypass.

Exchange office

On almost every corner you will find exchange offices. This is the list of the ones which works non stop in wider downtown area: VIP-Resavska ; VIP- Kosovska 37; VIP- Kataniceva 1( Slavija squer); VIP-Bulevar Oslobodjenja 1(Slavija squer)


Official language in Serbia is Serbian. Here we use two alphabets, Cyrillic and Latin. On the streets of our capital you will be able to encounter a lot of people fluent in English.


Country code for Serbia is +381. There are three mobile operators in Serbia, Telenor, VIP and MTS. You can buy SIM card in every kiosk.


In Belgrade shops are open during the whole week. Shopping Centers Delta City and Usce work every day from 10am to 10pm. In pedestrian zone – Knez Mihailova street you will also find shops of leading brands. If you want something artistic and unique than you should visit Cumicevo Sokace, small design district.

Where to eat

If you want to feel the atmosphere of old Belgrade our recommendation is to visit ”?” kafana, one of the rare old fashion restaurants that have survived modern times and transition. You can enjoy the taste of Turkish coffee and traditional dishes. Stara Koliba (Old Cottage) is restaurant on the very confluence. Here you can try the famous river fish soup by enjoying one of the best views in Belgrade. Restaurants located on the Sava bank, in area known as Beton Hala, are oasis of modern cuisine. Iguana and Ambar are just some of them. One of the most hip places in the city where you can feel a charm of urban Belgrade is restaurant Smokvica located on a few spots in downtown area.

What to eat and drink

If you are in Belgrade don’t miss famous meat dishes like cevapi, pljeskavica, Karadjordje’s steak. You should also try kajmak, soft milky cream and ajvar, pate made of paprika. One of the top things to try here is Sljivovica, brandy made of plums. But if you don’t like the taste of it you can try rakija made of raspberry, apricot, honey or even banana. Rakija Bar is the best place for that and you can also buy a home made rakija here.


In Serbia we have a custom to leave good tip. The local word for it is baksis and comes from Turkish language. A well-known Serbian joke says that baksis is not some distant city in Turkey. So if you want to be like locals leave a baksis.